Cryptomonadales, Liver & Kidney Disorders

Most people are under the impression that only doctors and medicines can cure all types of disease. In fact this is a wrong impression. The real cure and prevention of disease comes in the form of the natural inborn protection and immunity. Of course doctors can cure diseases through operation and medicine. When the disease is overpowering as compared with our immunity systems, our body reach an unhealthy balance. It is only when the immunity systems re-enforces itself, our body is to be recovering. 

The approach of western medicine is to cure disease. For example if the patient has liver problems, doctor gives medicine for that particular problem. However, that particular medicine may be good for addressing the liver problems, but it may be bad for the other organs like the stomach or kidney found within our body systems. This is what we mean by side effects. Cryptomonadales can prevent several diseases by building and strengthening our immune systems naturally. 

Cryptomonadales and Liver disorders

Cryptomonadales can have very good results on liver functions. 
1. Increase liver tissue regrowth
2. Increase overall metabolism
3. Increase liver-enforcement factor
4. Promote blood flow in the liver

Generally speaking, the reasons for liver disorders are due to bacteria or virus caused by drinking large quantities of alcohol and environmental toxins. In fact these causes only touch the surface of the problem. The real reason liver disorders are contributed by the internal state of the human beings, for example “body qualities”, weakening of the liver tissues. Perhaps the greatest factor for these liver problems is attributed to the continuous intake of the wrong food.

Cryptomonadales and Kidney disorders
The kidneys excrete all unwanted metabolized products in our bodies via our urine. This is one way our blood is kept clean. For kidney Cryptomonadales has the following effects: –

1. Improved mineral metabolization
2. Improved allergic body quality
3. Prevent kidney from bleeding
4. Eliminate acid body qualities

Often kidney disorders can be traced back to unhealthy life style. 

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